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You have found the best, most efficient and most cost effective way to clean your vehicle. Oh, and by
the way, it helps the environment too. What do you need to wash your car? Most people would say
“Water”. Well not any more, you can keep your car clean and shiny without spraying your entire car

down with 100’s of gallons of water!

All other vehicle care products can only do one or two tasks competently. Our product is the only
water-based product that is able to clean exteriors and interiors including leather, while leaving an
incredible, protective shine on hard surfaces like paint, glass and chrome. It helps protect and
preserve the cosmetic integrity of softer surfaces including clear plastics, black moldings, and
window gaskets. Auto show detailers are saving significant time, money and effort by using this one

amazing product. You should too.

Give us a call to order your bottles or call us for an estimate on a mobile detail for your vehicle or a

demonstration on how to use our product effectively.


What’s wrong with the traditional car wash?


  • The foam entrapped dirt particles can actually scratch your car’s finish.
  • Large amounts of water are required to rinse the foam away.
  • If any foam is allowed to dry on your car’s surface it can eventually stain the paint.
  • Higher foaming car washes typically contain more alkaline (elevated pH) cleaners that stripwaxes, eventually dull the paint and offer no conditioning or protection for the clear coat.

Go Eco!